Junk Cars

Got a junk car in New Orleans LA or nearby? A-1 Rock Bottom Towing can be there immediately within the hour. Still paying taxes for a vehicle that won’t go? Would you like to get rid of your junk car with no hassle and no expense to you with only one phone call? A-1 Rock Bottom Towing will pay you cash for your junk vehicle on the same day.

The best place for your junk cars! Call now!Every vehicle has a life span. They just wear out. Sooner or later they have to be disposed of and this is where we our role comes. A-1 Rock Bottom Towing of New Orleans LA has established a very efficient service to collect, dismantle and dispose of vehicles that have reached the end of their useful life. Whether they can be dismantled and used for secong hand parts or sent to a steel mill for recycling, we have the proper resources to deal with them. A-1 Rock Bottom Towing will offer you a fair cash price, handle with all the paperwork and pick up the vehicle.

Sometimes, we try to fix their useless cars, but in most of the cases, the wole repair will cost much more than the car costs. You should understand that the only time a car is called “junk car” is when it is not worth repairing. Today, where financial resources are draining out, even thinking of repairing such a car is not a good idea. The best bet is to opt for a junk cars company that would stop this potential drain of resources. Even though you have good memories with your car, you need to know when you need to stop pouring money into your car repairs. Therefore, it is better to get it picked up by a reputable scrap car dealer like A-1 Rock Bottom Towing, who is fully licensed, insured and you will get cash for your car.