When Can a Tow Company Remove an Abandoned Car?

Vehicle abatement should not be classed as traffic enforcement even though a tow company will be used in both situations. When any traffic violations happen, vehicles could be towed away; however, it is universally understood the owner will still want their vehicle. Vehicle abatement, though, is a process which is aimed at removing and disposing of vehicles that are not wanted anymore.

Policy officers are generally the ones who are responsible for starting this abatement process. An officer, for instance, could notice a car has not been moved for a long time. This program also works by people calling in and complaining about an abandoned vehicle. In these instances, they could inform their local authorities there is a vehicle which could have been stolen or abandoned.

However, the authorities will not consider abatement if the vehicle does not seem to be violating any codes in place. This prevents authorities from being the ones responsible for towing vehicles away, which are sitting on private property. Even when a vehicle is eligible for vehicle abatement, numerous steps need to be taken before it can be removed.

It is a standard procedure for officials to ensure a vehicle is not stolen and abandoned. They will use the vehicle VIN number or license plate, to identify who the owner is of the vehicle. If there are strong beliefs the vehicle is abandoned, it will be tagged for removal.

Doing this means an indicator will be placed on the vehicle, which shows it is going to be removed. The vehicle will then be left for a specific period of time; this will allow the owner to claim it. However, once this period is over and the vehicle is still there, only then will it be towed away.

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